Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Visit From Georgia

Last week we had a visit from my parents. They came up from Georgia to spend a few days with their Virginia grandkids. We had a fun-filled, busy week. The bigger kids were excited to show off their school work to Mimi and Mac. We all went out to eat together several times and shopped at Sam's and Target. We had beautiful weather while they were here and were able to enjoy some time outside as well.

Mimi and Mac with the kids on the swing in the backyard.

We went to a duck pond one day. Here is Calvin feeding the swans.

Calvin Mac and Mac

Coleman and Emmie decided to brave the big birds... (see story below)

Coleman and Emmie were excited about going to the duck pond until we actually got there and saw the huge swans. They were having flashbacks to a few years ago. When Calvin was a baby, we all went and met Brian at work. We had picked up lunch and went to eat at a table by the lake. While we were eating, a huge flock of geese saw we had food. They started coming our way ... then they started honking and running towards us, intent on getting to our food no matter what. It's a little scary when 25 large geese come running towards you so we grabbed the kids and the food and ran to the safety of the van!

Apparently Emmie and Coleman remember that and weren't too sure about the big birds at the duck pond last week. But after they saw that the rest of us had remained unharmed, they gathered up the courage to come and join us as we fed the birds! Turned out to be lots of fun!

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April said...

Oh fun! Your pictures make me miss home. Thanks for sharing.