Monday, May 14, 2007

Day One of "On Our Own"

We all survived our first day alone. Yesterday Emmie asked me, "Is Daddy going to work tomorrow." I told her that he was. Her next question was "who is going to take care of you Mommy?" Good question Emmie!

Brian was able to take off the first 2 weeks after Ellerie was born. His parents live in town and helped us the first week with our older children, for which we are forever grateful. They cooked many casseroles and helped stock our freezer with chicken and corn dogs. The second week Brian took care of the kids and the house while I took care of nursing the baby (none of my babies are quick nursers - we have long sessions due to my 'skim' milk).

Brian went back to work last Monday and my parents arrived that afternoon to stay for a week. I was glad they were here last week so they could nurse me through a fever. They entertained the older children and loved on us all and stocked our freezer some more. Our church has also blessed us with meals the last couple of weeks.

But today ... we were all alone. I didn't set lofty goals - just one: that everyone be fed throughout the day. That happened and everyone had on real clothes before lunch! Awesome. I forgot how tiring it is with a newborn. She's a sweetie but she sleeps too good. She's so little and needs to eat at night so I have to wake her up to eat, but the hard part is keeping myself awake!

We're hanging in there and I am trying to enjoy these newborn moments (if I can remember them). We have been blessed with a sweet little girl and all 3 of the others are fascinated with her and love to shower her with hugs and kisses!

I think I am rambling (chalk it up to lack of sleep) so I will try to update later ... don't expect much 'substance' from this blog any time soon!


Anonymous said...

God bless you, Jenn. I'm remembering you in my prayers.

Christina said...

Glad you made it! I remember those first few weeks wondering how I was ever going to get through the day! You did good. I wish I lived closer to lend a hand.

I tagged you to do a little "meme" about yourself. Something fun but less "substancy" to blog about if you feel so inclined.

Kim said...

Praying for you,Jenn...before too long it will feel normal.